A Fuck-tabulous Weekend

originally written 3/7/2016


It all started with a text message about sausage. I knew after that, there was a good chance you would fuck Sherry.

I let the message sit there for a while, mulling it over. I couldn’t figure out if you were trying to gauge my reaction to the reality of it happening or if you needed advice. In the end, I knew that there was no advice or words I could give you if you were questioning what you should do. This was something that you were going to have to go through yourself. All I could give you was the reassurance that I was there and ready to listen if you wanted to talk.

While I waited, I needed to battle with some personal insecurities and fears that were trying to block out my truth. Jealousy, concern and fear. With fear being the primary pop up in my mind. It wasn’t that you were going to sleep with someone else, it was that you were going to have sex with Sherry. Someone that I knew you had deep emotions about. These were things that I need to go through on my own.

After you called, I felt so much better. To know that you wanted to talk to me about it and that you still felt the same towards me was such a huge relief. I was so scared that you wouldn’t want me to be a part of your life anymore or that I would be pushed aside.

It was such a welcome surprise to see you that night. I felt like after the day we had, we needed it.


I was so excited to come and see you in the morning. I had wanted to start talking to you about what I was feeling the day before. When it didn’t work out so that we could see each other, I was really bummed. I know the choice we made to wait was sensible but I still pouted about it. A little while on, I decided that it would be best to express my thoughts in a clear order and text you about my feelings, instead of waiting to see you and tell you in person. It’s not easy for me to express my feeling to people. Especially if they are ones that I battle with. So after you heard what I had to say and giving me the reassurances I needed, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I told you what I needed after that and you didn’t hesitate to offer it to me. I’m so grateful for it.

I was in such a good mood that night at work. I even traded my section for an insanely busy one because I was so hyper. I couldn’t wait to get out of there to be with you.

It was an incredible night; you fucked me hard just like I asked for and then falling asleep next to you and feeling you reach out for me throughout the night.


Waking up with you and getting fucked again. It’s my favorite way to start the day. I had so much fun going out in the kayaks! I’ve never explored that area before and I loved being around all the wildlife. My favorite part though, was listening to you tell me your story. I had been very curious about it and was actually going to ask you about it that day. I was able to see what you’ve been through that made you the wonderful man you are today. I can see why you have a hard time trusting people but you pulled through that shit beautifully. I can’t wait to learn more about you.

After you left, I took a shower and passed the fuck out. Thank god, I set my alarm because I would have slept a lot longer. I was grumpy when I got to work because I had just woken up and with the new schedule that I didn’t like being posted. But that changed within an hour. I was back in a good mood and ready to be off so I could spend some more time with you.

I really enjoyed spending a quiet night with you on the docks. It was so peaceful.

And another fantastic night followed. At one point when we were cuddling, I could feel your heartbeat on my back. It was pumping so fast. I loved it.


I woke up to that beautiful hard cock of yours. I watched you stroke it while you were still half asleep and knew immediately what I wanted. And as much as I was doing it out of my own desires, it was also something that I wanted to do for you. By the end of it there were tears running down my cheeks and a huge ass grin on my face. I just loved the taste of your cum.

And your migas!*

When you went into the bedroom after breakfast, I wasn’t sure if you needed some alone time or not so I just worked on some things around the house. But I was relieved when you wanted cuddles.

And then cuddles turned into something even more amazing. You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted anal to be pleasurable to me. I not only wanted it to feel good but I wanted to be able to orgasm from it with any clit or vaginal stimulation at all. I had been wanting you to take my ass but I held back from it. I wasn’t sure if I was ready. The first 20 seconds there was sharp pain but it completely dissipated into intense pleasure. The first time I squirted, we were on our sides, I teared up and almost started crying. It was everything I wanted to be able to do. Then I wanted it faster and harder. While we were doing it doggy, I could feel the orgasm building up and up until I finally let it go. Orgasms aren’t normally like that for me. In fact they almost surprise me.

To have you come in me twice in one day was fucking fantastic. I hate condoms and I cannot wait until you get the clear all from your doc. I got a taste of what you feel like bareback and I want more. I want you to cum inside me or on me every time.

The elation I felt throughout the rest of the day was damn exhilarating. I was so high up in the fucking clouds. I loved it. I love that my body can do that without having to take something. I craved your cock all damn day. I wanted you to come back and keep fucking me in the ass. Jesus Christ, you turn me on.




*I didn’t know this until after you left, but Adelyn didn’t want to sit down and have breakfast with us because she didn’t realize it was you. She asked me who the man was. I felt so bad, I should have made sure she recognized you. Mom guilt moment.


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