The Final 8: My Core Values

originally written 2/22/2016
When I had my final 8 picked out, I realized how many tied into the tattoos I have. So I included a lot of them into my explanations.

Passion- The fire in my soul. I have a very strong passion towards life and milking every drop out of it. There a lot of things that I am passionate about. The tattoo of the mustang on the back of my calf is about passion. There are lot of different facets as to why I chose the design of this tattoo. 1.) I’m extremely passionate about horses but especially the mustang and their wild freedom. 2.) The words. “A beast born from the heart”. The heart is where passion resides and the aftermath of when passion takes over is the beast. What will you turn your passion into? 3.) Back to the words. My mom and dad were passionately in love when I was conceived and I believe that they still are even though they were never really “together”. So I associate myself as the beast born from their passion. The wild animal. 4.) The mustang is surrounded by bluebonnets: Mustang Island, Texas. While I want desperately off this island, it is still home and it’s well being is something I am very passionate about.
Love- To me this is the most important thing in life. It has the power to change everything. It first changes people who then use that to fuel the change they put into this world. A positive and unveiled love changes everything for the best. I try to keep my heart open to love even when I know that there is chance for hurt. When I am hurt, my initial reaction is to close up and vow to never love again. But then I remind myself of everything I would be missing out on and how good it feels to love and to spread that love around to others.
Freedom- My own personal freedom is something that I am very avid about. I want to be able to make decisions based on what is best for me and my family not on what everyone thinks that I should be doing. I don’t want anyone telling what I can or can’t do just because of some stupid societal norm. The minimalistic lifestyle that I have taken on over the last year has to do with freedom. I don’t want to be tied down to anyplace because I have all this crap to tote around. I don’t want to be tied to certain objects just because my aunt gave it to me for christmas 6 years ago. If it is my life, it is something I need or because it’s beautiful. This also goes along with financial freedom. I’m not talking “oh, I make 6 figures a year so I don’t need to worry about anything anymore”, No, I mean that I don’t need much so I don’t need to spend that much on the act of consumerism. I can live in a tiny little space with hardly any bills where my money is stretched well beyond its means. So then I can use my money for things I really want in life like experiences. All the tattoos of different animals I have a lot to do with their own freedom.
Happiness- I don’t want anything in my life that doesn’t make me happy. I have a really hard time doing things that don’t make me happy even when it is something that I really need to do. Such as going to the doctor. I will not put myself into a situation that doesn’t make me happy. I will not work a job where I am miserable. I will not spend time with someone who doesn’t want strive to be happy also. “Never Stop Laughing”.
Exploration- I want to experience so many new things. I want to go out and explore those things. I want to explore new places, restaurants, people, books, music…everything. I want to learn the ends and outs and what makes them tick. I want to see them in all their beauty.
Growth- Personal growth is very important to me. I want to do everything I can to make myself a better, stronger, more loving individual. I want to be pushed to greater heights. I want to understand every decision I make so that I know why and I’m confident with it. I will pick everything apart to understand it, in order to make it better.
Gratitude- It’s extremely important to me show my gratitude for everything in my life. I will probably tell you thank you so many times it will bug you. But it’s because I need you to know that I appreciate everything and that I hold value in it. It also goes towards the way we live. We should be grateful for our life and the earth that sustains it. To show that, I will use everything until it is completely dead and I will probably look for it used first. It’s about reducing the waste we leave on the planet. I got my bison tattoo because to Native Americans they stand for gratitude. The Native Americans showed their gods and the earth gratitude by killing only what they needed and by using every single piece for other things they needed in life.
Nature- As a Taurus, I am an earth sign and I connect deeply to nature. I need to be surrounded by it. It’s why I was so happy in Colorado, living out in the middle of the woods. When I am in a city, I’m fine for a while and I can have fun but it’s exhausting. All the artificial noised and manmade objects drain me and make me nervous. Often when I’m in the city and am feeling this way I just imagine what it would look like if people suddenly disappeared and the slow take over of mother nature started. I wonder how it would look to future people in x amount of time. Would the concrete even be noticeable? I find a lot of my needs in nature such as peace, exploration, freedom, happiness, growth and gratitude are good examples. I need to be surrounded by the wild. I’m extremely passionate about conservation and the awareness of how human actions affect the planet. Most of my tattoos are centered around nature also. The bee on the back of my neck is the most direct connection. I got it as a sign to show the thin line between how dependent we are on nature and the way we also take it for granted. If the existence of that one little bee disappears, we’re doomed. And their existence is being threatened by a lot of factors.The


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