Daddy and baby girl

So the Daddy and baby girl dynamic is very new for me. I always thought it was really weird that someone would want to call someone they were fucking Daddy.

However, when we first met I recognized that in you on a subconscious level. Then after you told me that you saw yourself as a Daddy Dom, I could recognize the traits.

What does this mean to me? I think that I’m really still trying to figure that out.

I know that Daddy is there to support baby girl in every way. To push her towards her goals and dreams. To protect her. To give her as much love as possible. To pick her up when she is down. To always be there for her. But what does baby girl do for Daddy?

What does it mean to me that we have this relationship? Does it mean that I have real father issues that I’m trying to work out? I’ve never liked to think that I have issues with my father. We don’t have the best relationship but I’m good with it, most of the time. I know that I didn’t get the attention from him that I needed growing up, but that is something I’ve moved past. I’ve looked into the physiological aspects of this dynamic and wasn’t satisfied with the depths of the answers.

I don’t like the aspect of being a little. I don’t want that.

I also don’t want you to buy me childish things like stuffed animals. I really don’t enjoy these things and they irritate me.

I know that this is right for us. It feels right. I want you to be my Daddy and it makes me  so proud when you call me baby girl.


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